Thursday, August 14, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about how it might have made me sick just by looking at it. But that didn’t stop me from eating it since I knew it was going to be ooooooohhhh soooooo goooood!!!! And it was! :)

Recipe of the day; is it a sandwich or a cardiac arrest waiting to happen, you be the judge :)

  • Ciabatta (the bread has to be white! Rye or any kinds of fib-health crap could kill you. Trust me on this matter).
  • Butter (in large amounts, slightly melted so that it really goes into every “nook” of the bread).
  • English orange breakfast marmalade (bitter and yes oh so sweet, and not in a cute way).
  • Cheddar cheese (pre-sliced and ready for sandwiches in an instant, no time wasted. Me likie).
  • Smoked ham (make sure the slices of ham are incredibly thin and salty, I added some extra salt on mine just for the heck of it).

Served with a steaming cup of hot coffee and topped off with a chocolate bar for dessert. That’s all the ingredients required to make the start of your day a happy one:)

Over and out!


Sasha said...

umm yah that does look good girl you feeling today!


Charleen said...

so I can't health it up? :)

shaina said...

my husband makes a sandwich almost exactly the same as that.


thanks for sharing. :D