Monday, September 22, 2008

Random thoughts...

...about me and Bob aka mr Moustache being totall nerds:)
Here is my LO for week #90 over at Color Combos Galore. I made this LO with pics of me and my BF. And yes we are nerds, we know...... our only excuse is that it was on a Sunday, don’t know what difference that really makes but it is our “story” and we are sticking to it :)

If you want to take part in the combo go here; CCG

Over and out........and ooooohhh I and Bob aka mr Moustache just had the best countryside weekend ever....BEST TIME EVAH!!!

Will post more pics from it later, leave you with this one :)

Okay now over and out for real :)


Choco said...

wow I love your blogspot!

Janet Perafan-Babar said...

this is such a great page! Looks like a fabulous spot, glad you enjoyed your weekend!

lisa said... glad I've found your blog, so inspirational : )
lis & I are photo nerds too : )