Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Random thoughts...

CCG #111 me and my mum :)
Journaling reads; A quick conversation between mum and I (where I do all the talking)
Thank you for always
Believing in me,
Having faith in me,
Being there for me,
Supporting me in everything I try to do,
And most of all for always loving me... even when I mess up :)
CCG #110, the LO that was impossible to post last week:)

...about how I would really love 2 blog right now but I have 2 go 2 sleep. But what I have 2 say before I go is mum, Barbie and kidos have a fab holiday on the continent of Africa. Take lots of pics on the safari. And don’t worry I will be okay and I will look after the young one that is “home alone”. Or should I say that she will tae care of me since Bob aka MR moustache is going to Germany 2 work for a few days (at the same time as you all are leaving me all alone with just the young one). Anyhooo I am so happy the young one is staying at your house and will be taking care of your dog (so I don’t have to go up disgustingly early in the morning). Just so you know I would have done it if she wasn’t staying there :) PROMISE!!!! Wow this is a really strange post, so I am saying good night now....

Have a fantastic time and come back safe. LOVE YOU!!!

Keep your cell phones on at all times because I might feel lonely :(

And as you know if you want to take part in this weeeks challenge go here; Color Combos Galore


Anonymous said...

hey you! Don't be sad baby!!! We're here for you!!! (When ever we're online at the same time...)

Kisses and hugs


Lillsisslill said...

MOVE BACK HOME!!!.....t sucks that you are on the other side of the world frm me.....(and I know and I LOVE you 4 it) :)

Kisses and hugs right back at ya! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Lillyrose, for some reason it has never occured to me to take a peek at all the DT's blog's from CCG, how dumb am I? Where have I been all this time? Should have done it long ago, am getting heaps of inspirational ideas. Be back to visit again soon, Tiff :o)