Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Random thoughts...

OH and where is the picture Blogger?!!!! Having probs posting pics again!!!!
...about my LO for week #110 over at CCG. I took this picture (and lots more) while me and parts of my family where having a quick lunch while shopping for x-mas gifts. I am not really satisfied with this LO, there is something missing and I wasn’t sure what to journal so I will add it on later. Will try to add further embellishments and see if that will make it right. After it is done I will take another picture and post it. It will be something about that day, what and where we ate. But one thing is sure it was a good day and we had fun! Love them all! :)

If you want to take part in this weeks challenge go here : Color Combos Galore

Have a great day!!!Högerjustera


The Valentines weekend was fantastic!!!

Over and Out

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debbiec said...

hey lilly! i thought your layout was cute. love the umbrella! perfect touch! :)
that exact same thing just happened to me, but on my dt submission. i'm really bummed about it since it was such an important layout. but i feel like it needs more details.
*sigh* dang!
so glad found the site. and your blog looks fun, too!