Monday, August 25, 2008

Random thoughts...

My cuties Ally, Mie, Ed and DJ!!!!

youtube is a memory

Journaling reads; Just looking at you 4 watching “the Wiggles” on

youtube is a memory that I will keep and treasure in my heart forever.

...about how I made this layout about my ab fab 4 faves in the world and in my life :) Sorry ya’ll!!! This is the DT LO I made for week #86 over at; Color Combos Galore. I used just random pictures taken in June. I love making LO's like this pictures from a split moment in time. These are some of the most interesting thing to scrap (to me at the moment:).

Guest Designer this week,
Jennifer McGuire!
If you want to take part in this weeks CCG, go here for the exact colours for this weeks challenge and please don’t forget to post your work on the CCG blog. Might be some praise in it for you :)

And I want to give a shout out to sweet miss J aka
Janet Perafan-Babar for all the fab combos and always having something sweet or fun to say about my work!
And hey miss J!!!! Keep up the good work with all the kids, work, MB treads, blogs, LO’s and on and on and on....:)

And ooooooh I still suck big time at updating my blog......must do better....starting to repeat myself.....But I am having a really good time in the meanwhile hope that counts for something:)

Over and Out


Anonymous said...

Your the best! I loved it! I'm going to look at them again and again...

Kisses and hugs

Your No.1 fan!

Sasha said...

LOVIN THIS .. how about I get my tooty in gear and do this .. LOL

kristina k said...

Love that layout and that color combo...maybe I will try to find some time to get one done. :):)